Welcoming the Continuing Education Community to Hamilton, ON!

McMaster University is proud to host the 66th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for University Continuing Education (CAUCE). The CAUCE conference celebrates and recognizes innovation and excellence in the field of continuing education, and will provide a mix of professional development, concurrent sessions, social events and networking opportunities.

The conference will be held at the McMaster University Centre for Continuing Education in the heart Hamilton, Ontario from May 29 – 31, 2019.

At McMaster, we are committed to the cultivation of human potential and believe that collaboration and partnership are how we improve people’s lives, contribute to fair and ethical global economies, and advance the health and well-being of the world around us. CAUCE 2019 will be about how these same goals will help us forge ahead to a brighter future.

In forging a brighter future, continuing education has a unique opportunity. First, continuing education is frequently the face of the university (or other educational institution) in the community as well as the entry point of the community into the university.

Second, continuing education does make lives better and brighter through its superior programs that advance careers and enable adult learners to explore areas of personal interest; inclusive and effective partnerships; and its celebration of human diversity. Importantly, diversity in continuing education exists at many levels including how we design courses and programs; who are students and teachers are; and how we tackle real life challenges and changes in the workplace.

At this year’s conference, you are invited to share your experiences of partnership and diversity as, together, we create a brighter future.

Who Attends the CAUCE Conference

Continuing education leaders, administrative personnel and practitioners from across Canada will gather at McMaster University for three days of networking, idea exchange and social activities.

Keynote speakers, presenters, panelists and conference participants will engage in discussions around emerging trends in continuing education, the power of building strong and diverse partnerships, and engagement within communities to ensure individual and collective opportunity.

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Your Invitation from McMaster University President Dr. Patrick Deane: