About the Conference

Learning is emerging at the confluence of compelling forces of change: learners, communities, programs and educators.

Learners are changing – demanding flexibility, relevance and reciprocal learning opportunities.

Communities are changing – influencing and responding to new socio-cultural contexts and striving to address critical systemic problems.

Programs are changing – adapting to new imperatives for innovation, new pedagogies, new business models for education, and shifting economic and political contexts.

Educators are changing – reshaping their roles and recalibrating the focus on learners and their futures.

How do continuing education units navigate these currents of change? What more can we do to foster responsive adult education practices?

  • Learners are changing
  • Communities are changing
  • Programs are changing
  • Educators are changing
Communities of Practice
  • Leadership and program management
  • Program development and instructional design
  • Marketing, enrollment and student services
  • Learning and administrative technologies
  • Indigenous and decolonizing programming